Understanding LASIK by Twin Cities Eye Consultants

LASIK surgery is transforming the way we view vision correction. This procedure, adept at correcting myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism, involves a skilled surgeon reshaping the cornea with a laser. What makes LASIK particularly appealing is its efficiency—typically, the surgery takes about 15 minutes, with the actual laser application lasting just seconds. TCEC has award-winning surgeons and the most advanced LASIK technology at our state-of-the-art TCEC LASIK Center in Edina, Minnesota.

#1: Post-LASIK Rest

The immediate hours following LASIK surgery are critical yet manageable. Patients typically experience some mild discomfort, which is normal and temporary. The best course of action during this time is simply to rest and nap; the effects of the pre-op Valium and the surgery’s quick nature make this easy. Hours later, the eyes feel comfortable and most patients are thrilled with the improvement in their vision. 

#2: Take Proper Care

Recovery from LASIK is straightforward with proper care. On the first night, wearing protective shields over the eyes is essential to protect the eyes. Avoiding eye trauma and following specific guidelines—such as no swimming or wearing eye makeup for 1-2 weeks per your doctor’s instruction—is crucial for optimal recovery.

Patients can generally resume most normal activities the day after surgery, with precautions to wear eye protection during potentially hazardous activities. Regular use of preservative-free artificial tears and fish oil pills (2000-4000 mg daily) help manage the temporary but common post-operative symptom of dry eyes.

#3: Follow-up Care

Consistent follow-up with your surgeon at Twin Cities Eye Consultants is key to long-term success post-LASIK. Patients are expected to attend post-operative appointments the day after surgery, followed by additional checks over the next few months. These appointments are vital to ensure that you are healing correctly and to address any fluctuations in vision or other concerns.

#4 Stay in Touch

It’s important to note that serious complications with LASIK are very rare. Should a patient experience significant vision changes or discomfort post-surgery, reach out to your surgeon at TCEC—we’re here for you! By understanding and preparing for the recovery process, patients typically feel more at ease and ready to proceed with the procedure.

#5 Embrace Life Post-LASIK

The benefits of LASIK surgery extend well beyond the initial recovery. For many, it marks the beginning of a life free from the dependence on corrective lenses. Activities like swimming, sports, and simply waking up with clear vision become new joys of daily life.

By maintaining a positive outlook and adhering closely to post-operative care instructions, Twin Cities Eye Consultants’ patients can enjoy the full advantages of their new vision, making LASIK a rewarding investment in their quality of life.

Still have Questions?

For those searching for the best LASIK options, especially in the Minneapolis & St. Paul area, it’s essential to choose providers that not only offer cutting-edge technology but also a comprehensive follow-up care plan that ensures the safety and effectiveness of the procedure. All TCEC surgeons are local to the Twin Cities, meaning we’re here for you through the entire process. If you still have questions, schedule a no-hassle, free LASIK consultation to find out if it’s right for you.