To take advantage of the $500 off LASIK promotion, interested individuals can start by scheduling a complimentary consultation with our experienced LASIK specialists. During this consultation, our experts will evaluate your eligibility for LASIK and provide personalized recommendations tailored to your unique eye care needs.

It’s important to act swiftly, as the promotion extends to those who schedule their LASIK surgery before December 31st, 2023. Seize this opportunity to transform your vision and step into the new year with a clear perspective on the world around you.

Say Goodbye to Glasses and Contact Lenses:

One of the perks of undergoing LASIK at Twin Cities Eye Consultants is the chance to bid farewell to the hassles of glasses and contact lenses. After LASIK surgery, you can toss away your contact lenses and recycle your glasses at any of our convenient locations. Embrace the freedom of clear vision without the need for corrective eyewear.

Flexible Financing Options:

Understanding that investing in vision correction is a significant decision, Twin Cities Eye Consultants offers up to 24 months of no-interest financing through CareCredit. This flexible financing option allows you to achieve visual freedom without compromising your budget. Take advantage of this opportunity to invest in your vision and enhance your quality of life.

Price Match Guarantee:

At Twin Cities Eye Consultants, we are committed to providing exceptional value for our patients. In addition to our $500 LASIK promotion and CareCredit financing, we proudly offer a price match guarantee. If you receive a price quote from another clinic, bring in the paperwork, and we will match the price for the same service. This ensures that you receive the best possible value for your LASIK procedure.