When it comes to cataract surgery, we have some of the most experienced surgeons in the Upper Midwest. And you can rest assured our process uses the best technology for safe, accurate results.

Dr. Stephens has been my provider for many years during which time he performed cataract surgery with follow up laser treatment in addition to closely monitoring my glaucoma. He always patiently explains medical questions in easy terms to understand. I feel I am in the best hands possible to manage my eye care. ELAINE K.
The experience changed my life! Before surgery my poor vision was affecting my job performance and ability to drive – especially at night. Now after removal of cataracts and the implant of corrective lenses, I can see CLEARLY and distance for driving is amazing! Thanks to all who made my experience so comfortable. I am amazed at the outcome. PATRICIA P.
Dr. Stephens has been taking care of my eyes for the past three years because my previous doctor left for greener pastures. He recognized my issues and suggested what I really should be doing. This has resulted in full control of my issues. He has also removed both of my cataracts and gave me proper guidance and treatment. I thank Dr. Stephens for his time and effort in my health care. BEN D.
The day after my left eye surgery I’m overjoyed. I can see up close and far away without glasses, yippee!! I love it, love it love it and all involved were great to deal with. Happiness is seeing without glasses. Thank you! ROBERTA E.
I was very impressed with the laser cataract surgery. I had previous LASIK surgery ten years ago. The surgery went very well, great outcome. Dr. Johnson and his staff were very professional and a pleasure to work with.
The experience was awesome. The first eye I was really nervous but everyone was so caring and they helped me through it. The second eye was a breeze. I now see 20/20 in both eyes even reading where I needed reading glasses before. The doctor, Dr. Folden, is a great Dr. Caring informative and awesome in his ability. I would highly recommend him and I have already!
I was very pleased with Dr. Patrick Johnson. He was very pleasant and professional. He did a great job on both eyes with very good results. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing cataract eye surgery.
My cataract surgeries, 2 weeks apart, were so successful that I’m afraid no one would believe it! I haven’t been able to see well since grade school. I can remember taking an eye test at school in the eight grade and could not see the huge top letter! Unbelievable. Now, not only is everything bright – no sepia-wash effect – but I’m seeing 20/20 and passed my drivers license reward without any problem at all! It truly has been a miracle for me.
The day after my left eye surgery I was overjoyed. I can see up close and far away without glasses, yippee!! I love it, love it, love it and all involved were great to deal with. Happiness is seeing without glasses. Thank you!
I would recommend Dr. Folden and his staff for eye care and surgery. When I checked in for surgery I was a little nervous. As the nurses and staff gave me all of those drops and prepared me for surgery, I was amazed at their friendliness and they answered all of my questions. Dr. Folden did the surgery with such skill. Thank you Dr. Folden.
Thank you for the wonderful care I received during my recent cataract surgery. You listened and handled all my concerns. I’m looking forward to life without glasses.
The laser cataract surgery was not uncomfortable, day after surgery my vision is excellent and I keep comparing eye to eye, the colors are 4-5 shades brighter. I did a Crossword puzzle right after my Laser Cataract Surgery. I would recommend the LENSAR Laser to my family and friends.
I had a Technis Multifocal lense put in my left eye, and when I woke up the next morning my vision became clearer, I could see instantly. I anticipated little discomfort, and none during the actually surgery. Dr. Folden was extremely reassuring while he walked me through my entire surgery.

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