When it comes to cataract surgery, we have some of the most experienced surgeons in the Upper Midwest. And you can rest assured our process uses the best technology for safe, accurate results.

What to expect

Cataract Removal Process

We offer both traditional and laser-assisted cataract removal techniques to ensure our patients get the personalized treatment they deserve.

Cataract Evaluation

During your pre-surgical eye exam and evaluation of your cataracts, you and your surgeon will determine the best path forward for surgery. A surgery counselor will work with you to schedule your cataract surgery and advise you how to prepare for your upcoming procedure.

Day of Procedure

Upon arrival for your surgery, you may need to present a photo ID, Insurance cards and be asked to complete a few forms.  After meeting with your surgeon and asking any additional questions, you will receive a medication to help you relax.  You will then be taken to the surgical suite for your procedure.

After the Procedure

Recovery time is relatively quick, but it is important to attend all of your post-operative appointments and follow your surgeon’s medication instructions.  Blurry or foggy vision is typical following surgery. It is also normal for your eyes to feel somewhat sore and gritty. These symptoms will improve, and irritation should subside within a few days.

Post-operative instructions will be provided to you before you are sent home.

Cataract Treatment and Evaluation

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Cataract Evaluation

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