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LASIK Testimonials

Read real patient reviews of how LASIK by Twin Cities Eye Consultants brought clear vision to the lives of thousands of people across the Twin Cities.

My Lasik by Dr. Everson was hands down one of the single best things I have ever done. Not needing glasses while performing surgery was a huge plus for me. I didn’t have to deal with glasses fogging up in the rain while golfing or putting contacts in my eyes in a dirty hockey arena restroom. It was definitely life changing and Dr. Everson’s team was very professional. I wouldn’t want anyone else operating on my eyes, or my wife’s......and she had Lasik by Dr. Everson too! WILLIAM SIMONET, MD
My LASIK experience with Dr. Everson and his team was fantastic- the best thing I’ve ever done for my eyesight. It made life easier in my work as an orthopedic surgeon as well as in my recreational activities. I struggled with glasses and contacts particularly outside, in wind or around water. Now, from scuba diving to skiing, I have excellent vision and no hassle of eyewear. I highly recommend Dr. Everson for LASIK surgery, and trust him as the most experienced surgeon around. Thank you! DR. C | TWIN CITIES ORTHOPEDICS
I love my Lasik and Dr. Everson and his staff were so friendly and professional. As a commercial airline captain, my vision is vital to my job and Lasik has allowed me to see the flight displays perfectly any time of day. I can wear OTC sunglasses and I don't have to carry contact supplies on my trips. I wish I would have done Lasik sooner. KATIE H.
I wish I could rate my experience a 100 stars. The results have exceeded all my expectations. The procedure was quick and painless. I cried all the way home with joy because I could read road signs and read license plates. It was honestly like a miracle. This is the best decision I could have ever made. ELIZABETH B.
I had LASIK eye surgery at TCEC in March 2021 and am absolutely thrilled with the results. My vision is great and I am happy to be done with wearing contacts. The TCEC team was outstanding in the care provided before and after the procedure. The TCEC physicians and staff went to extraordinary efforts to make sure I understood and felt comfortable with the LASIK surgery process. The care team was highly engaged and the facility in Edina was outstanding. I am grateful for the exceptional care provided by the physicians and staff. I highly recommend TCEC if you are considering LASIK surgery or for other eye care needs.
Can’t begin to say how happy I am to have had LASIK from Dr. Johnson. They all kept me well-informed, put my mind at ease. The procedure was so quick – and he talked me through the whole thing. Within 6 hours my eyes felt pretty good, almost no discomfort. Waking up from the nap was pretty incredible.
Wonderful appointment. All of my questions were answered and put me at ease about the procedure needed for my eyes.
After wearing glasses and contacts to correct my vision for the last 19 years, I finally decided to get LASIK. I “shopped” around at other places but felt like I was just another number, never feeling like I got genuine care… then I found Dr. Johnson. Dr. Patrick Johnson is a “miracle worker.” I can’t remember the last time I woke up and was able to see without having to stumble to get my glasses. The day I got LASIK was in my top 5 best days of my life! I am forever grateful to you guys for giving me back my vision.
Ashlee M.
LASIK was the best choice I have made in regards to my eye are! Dr. Folden and the staff were excellent. The day after surgery my vision is 20/15. My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner!
Dr. Folden and his entire staff did a wonderful job both pre and post LASIK procedure. I would highly recommend them to all my family and friends!
I had considered LASIK for a couple years after wearing contacts and glasses for 20+ years and having more difficulties with them. I decided now was the time!! After my consultation I knew it was the answer. The staff was great, they described the procedure in detail and I left without a doubt. The procedure went exactly as described, completely pain free. After a couple hours of minor irritation I couldn’t stop looking around at how detailed everything looked! As I write this at my post op appointment after testing my eyes at 20/10 vision! DO NOT WAIT ANOTHER DAY! If your are hesitating at all, trust me, you won’t regret it.

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