Authors: Twin Cities Eye Consultants Physicians: Dr. David Folden, Dr. George Wandling, Dr. Scott Schaefer, Dr. Jeffrey Stephens, Dr. Calvin Boots, Dr. Carter Nichols, Dr. Marshall Everson, and Dr. Ryan Johnson. Praxis Vision Physician: Dr. Jennifer Wong.

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Twin Cities Eye Consultants (TCEC) is excited to share the published results of their research involving the use of the second-generation (ActivShield™) Light Adjustable Lens (LAL) in cataract surgery for patients with a history of LASIK or PRK. 

Patients with previous LASIK or PRK often face challenges in cataract surgery due to altered corneal power, leading to inaccuracies in lens power calculations with greater need for glasses following cataract surgery using traditional surgical technologies. This study demonstrates that the LAL can significantly enhance uncorrected visual acuity and maintain independence from glasses following cataract surgery for this patient population.  The study found that patients achieved exceptional vision after surgery, with 82.4% reaching 20/20 uncorrected vision or better and 26.5% 20/15 vision or better.

TCEC has emerged as a leader in LAL technology and was the first to report outcomes on the second-generation (ActivShield™) LAL in the worldwide, peer-reviewed literature for all types of patients in their 2022 publication ( and in post-LASIK / PRK patients exclusively in their 2023 publication (  Their studies also underscore the benefits of a co-managed, open-access methodology popularized by TCEC in conjunction with Praxis Vision in 2020.

For our patients at Twin Cities Eye Consultants, especially those with a history of LASIK or PRK, this study offers a beacon of hope. The LAL emerges as a highly effective solution for maximizing visual outcomes after cataract surgery. We are committed to staying at the forefront of such innovations, ensuring our patients receive the best possible care and outcomes.

If you have a history of LASIK or PRK and are considering cataract surgery, we invite you to discuss these findings with our specialists. Together, we can determine the best approach to achieve optimal visual outcomes for your specific needs.

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